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Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Caspar Rohleder and I´m a Graphic Designer. I have been designing, making flyers, working on logos, and making websites possible for the past several years. No client has been to small neither to big. Working with everything from websites, logos, flyers, offline, online, the works.

I have almost 10 years experience in the graphic industry. Working with clients all over the globe, from Guatemala, Copenhagen, Sydney, Los Angeles, Goa, Brighton to London and the list goes on. With a strong background in graphic design, which was firmly established during the years working with BBDO Denmark. I have had an opportunity to work with a variety of different kind of design jobs.

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I’m passionate about bringing the highest level of quality and creativity to every project that I work on. I’m always interested in taking on new projects with people that are enthusiastic about elevating their brands and developing new ideas for the future.

My goals for the next handful of years are to continue to grow my skills by meeting and working with anyone that’s open to teaming up. I’m a huge advocate of the power of teams, and I get excited about each new opportunity I get to work with new people, so feel free to drop me a line anytime!.

So if you or your company needs an Art Director / Graphic Designer, feel free to contact me, also check out my Design Profile, which contains CV, portfolio, recommendations etc.:


Kind Regards
Caspar Rohleder, +45 6065 2025

Work & Designs

This is a simple gallery to show of my latest work in a rather easy and effective way, no hassle just ad a thumb and an matching preview. Under cases you can see serveral images from same case, hope you enjoy.

Copenhagen Concepts
Lanes & Lounges Pure Noir Lovemore Sidecar Rally Jackie Rabbit Slims Drive-In Bio
Full Power Films Generous Soles after80 Räeuber SMS-Betaling 90 Mandater Tuborg Club Tour

Black Light Disco
Silver Wedding The Fabulous Final Party We Celebrate 1st of May Burn: Edition Bizarre Best Cruise Stella Polaris Soundsystem Venyou Nick Curly & MHM One Classic Copenhagen Culture Clubbing Malibu Vision Techno Taverna Six City Stompers Lé Fete: Shit Robot

CASE: Selector Superior
CASE: Gucci, 90@9 CASE: Pure Noir CASE: Tuborg Club Tour 2012 CASE: JET Felix the Housecat & Kriss Menace Bestseller: Masquerade

Lonsdale London
Lonsdale London Lonsdale London Lonsdale London Lonsdale London Lonsdale London Lonsdale London

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